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Making money is tough especially when you start earning it for yourself, and this might lead you to pinching every penny you make. Many individuals have sought out ways to make the most of and maximize their salary all because saving and earning really aren't easy at all. With this in mind, it's best that you don't take the value of any amount for granted - no matter how small it might seem. Couponing, for example, might not seem like such a big money saver right off the bat. But when you start couponing and computing how much you save, you might find yourself saving thousands that you would have otherwise spent for no good reason. I want to start couponing where do i start?


Are you a first time couponer? No problem. Find out how to make the most of your hard-earned money by taking these couponing tips and tricks into consideration. If you want to open an online investing account, then you can follow this link for more information.


1. Locate All Sources - If you thought that coupons only came from magazines and newspapers, you thought wrong. These days, merchants are smart enough to use the internet to provide their patrons with discounts and promos in the form of coupons. Many of these coupons can be printed out and presented for one-time discounts and price cuts at their respective brands and stores, but there are some that take ease to a whole new level. Stores will also accept coupons on mobile devices opened either through mobile apps or social media profiles so don't miss out on any offers and be sure to check all sources before your next buy.


2. Older Ones First - Coupons aren't without expiration dates, so be sure to check for those so that every last coupon in your possession is used before its time. Each time you find coupons, be sure to place the older ones towards the back of your stack so you don't end up using the newer ones and leave the older ones to expire. It also pays to organize your cut out coupons and your print outs in a small booklet so it's easier for you to spot which ones you should use next.


3.  Deeper Discounts - To become a really smart shopper, be sure you read into the different rules and limitations of your coupons so you know when you can and can't use them. Commonly, a store will not allow you to use two coupons for the same item if the coupons you're using are both issued by the store itself, however you can use double coupons if it's a combination of store and merchant coupons. You can also use coupons on deeply discounted clearance products to get even bigger savings. Also, don't forget the beauty of price matching before you use any coupons.  Find a lower price at a rival store or even online and you can use your coupon to lower that even more. For more details, check out